Macworld, and the future of books on the iPhone

For a great overview of Macworld 2011, check out the product reviews from TidBITS.

I came back with SuperSync (to deal with multiple iTunes libraries), the acclaimed BusyCal, and some hardware. And I made the bitter discovery that I am not cut out to work on the road using just an iPad. By the time you add a bluetooth keyboard it’s just as heavy as a laptop and much more annoying to deal with, particularly for blogging and web work, because it’s in two pieces. I’m now eyeing  the MacBook Air.

Could iBooks soon be the only option?

The hot iPhone rumor at the moment is speculation that Apple may stop supporting the Kindle app to drive purchases of iPhone and iPad content through its own iBooks Store. I sure hope not; the iBooks Store has nowhere near the scope of Amazon, and I’m currently buying and reading content from both. Here’s a summary of the situation from TechCrunch.

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2 Responses to Macworld, and the future of books on the iPhone

  1. dick shapiro says:

    If this rumor becomes reality,I will keep my Kindle which I was previously considering mothballing. I prefer reading books on my iPad but resent the monopolistic attitude of Apple,the incomplete inventory on iBooks and the idea that I do not have a choice. BTW,agree that the iPad is not a substitute for a computer and I also am considering a MacAir for the summer before a big trip. Bought the iPad primarily for photos but have not as yet found a good app to caption and identify individual photos which I like to do each evening on a trip.

  2. Dick,
    The more I think about the Kindle issue, the more I think it’s doubtful Apple will drop it from the store. It’s simply too well established, and people have a lot of Kindle content on iPhones and iPads.
    As for the iPad/MacBook Air…I’m wondering if the next big thing will be a MacBook Air with a touchscreen and iPad apps. Now that would be pretty wonderful.

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