Last-minute holiday gift ideas for Mac, iPhone, and iPad users

Still scrambling to find a holiday gift for someone who uses a Mac, an iPhone or an iPad?

MacVoices TV’s latest online episode has recommendations from a MacJury convened by “Judge” Chuck Joiner.

Steve Sande (of The Unofficial Apple Weblog), Tim Verpoorten (of, and I offer suggestions for everything from a clever (and free) tech support solution for a friend or relative (LogMeIn) to expensive cases and covers for your devices.

You’ll find a complete list of our recommendations, with links for your shopping convenience, on the MacVoices page — also a link to an audio-only version of the episode.

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To paraphrase Mark Morris, "I'm a writer; I write!"
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2 Responses to Last-minute holiday gift ideas for Mac, iPhone, and iPad users

  1. Karen, I can’t get the MacVoices TV link to work in the email either on my phone or Mac Book Pro. I can find it, but thought you’d want to know. Thanks for the list.

  2. Bruce, Some people have been having great difficulty with that link. When I was posting last night, WordPress was crashing and freezing, and it kept rolling back to previous versions of the post. The URL was valid, but I have reposted it to see if that helps. My apologies! And thank you for letting me know.

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