Woogie! If your iPhone is also a toy

iPhones have a rough life. When they aren’t being tossed in the washer, they’re being used by the kids as a game console or portable video device. (This may sound odd to you if you don’t have kids, but my friends who have them routinely give their iPhones and iPod Touches to the toddlers to play with.)

The Woogie from Griffin Technology offers some protection for an iPhone that's been turned over to a toddler.

The folks at Griffin have figured this out. Which is why they are selling the Woogie. Lime-green and furry, this six-legged stuffed creature has a case for the iPhone embedded in the middle. The idea is that your digital device will be (relatively) safe while your child scampers around with the Woogie. Cost: $19.99.

Just remember: When it’s time to wash Woogie — take out the iPhone!

Extra Tip: If your kids enjoy playing with your iPhone, be sure to get Hoot Dunnit? 9($.99) an app that lets children match pictures of animals with animal sounds.)

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