Excuse me, my tree’s ringing

iTree charging dock (photo: DesignBoom.com)

I’d thought it was going to be hard to best the Woogie, but it seems when it comes to iPhone accessories, there’s just no stopping the insanity.

Steve Sande over at TUAW has come across the iTree, a fallen tree that’s been wired and equipped with dock connectors so it can serve as a charging dock for your iPod, iPad, or iPhone. And a conversation piece.

This custom-built product from KMKG Studio (displayed in the Design Boom blog) includes high-end speakers and can be suspended from a wall or ceiling on near-invisible wiring. It does, however, need to be plugged in, which rather dulls the suspension effect for me.

Steve wants one made from “a 30-foot beetle-killed pine log from Colorado”; I’d like one from a piece of Cape Cod driftwood. These are both recycling concepts that should mollify the eco-faction that is decrying the iTree as a waste of natural resources.

After the people at Make stop fussing with the laser mosquito zapper, perhaps they could come up plans for creating the iTree 2.0, using a fallen tree and a couple of $20 third-party docking cables. Come to think of it…where did I put that nice wood chisel?

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