Move over, Maidenform

Bra with iPhoneEven in her wildest dreams, the Maidenform bra woman never envisioned this: A bra with an underarm pocket for an iPhone.

But it exists, thanks(?) to two students at the University of Washington’s Foster School of Business. Seattle Post-Intelligencer blogger Amy Rolph reports that the animal print JoeyBra, with a sheer underarm pocket for a smartphone, keys, or ID, goes on sale this summer at the University Bookstore. Or you can pre-order through the JoeyBra website for June delivery.

Bra with iPodKeep in mind, though, that this bra comes on only three sizes: small (for 32A/B,34A), medium (for 32C,34B), and large (for 32D,34C,36B).

While I can’t imagine going out dancing with an iPhone under my armpit, this does sound like the answer for carrying around ID. The website notes that their patent (these are business school students, remember?) includes a waterproof pocket, planned for a future model of the bra. It sounds like this was not only inspired by “the UW’s vibrant Greek system,” but tested there as well.

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