How to sell your old iPhone (or iPad)

One word says it all: Gazelle.

My first sale to Gazelle, a Boston-based company that buys used technology devices, was cautious. For whatever reason I’d shilly-shallied about getting rid of an old iPhone 2, and by the time I got around to unloading the phone, it wasn’t worth all that much. But I’m the type that keeps my gear in reasonably good shape, has all the original cables and chargers, and even the original boxes. So I shipped the phone off to Gazelle and got, I think, about $70. Not bad — and I didn’t have to worry about recycling electronics or dealing with people on Craig’s List.

Being a writer, I appreciated Gazelle’s clear communication. They let you know when your package is received, when it’s been checked and confirmed against what you promised, and when your payment has been sent. I’d forgotten to include an obscure cable with the iPhone 2. When I sent that, they got it matched up with my original shipment, no problem.

So when Gazelle emailed me two weeks ago and asked if I had an original iPad to sell, I was ready to listen. They said they anticipated high demand, and would pay me a bonus if I sent it in right away. They named a price just $20 short of the resale price I’d heard experts predicting for the model I had. I figured I’d go for the bonus and sell immediately. (So, apparently, did more than 10,000 other Gazelle customers.)

I filled out Gazelle’s form describing the iPad, they emailed me a prepaid shipping label, and I dropped the package off a FedEx before I left town on a trip.

Long story, short — with a real happy ending. While I was on the road I got a series of emails from Gazelle: My package had arrived, the iPad had been checked and approved, and, since the market rate had gone up on the iPad, they’d be sending me not just our agreed upon payment but $20 extra to match the market price.

I’m a happy customer.

And I’ve just ordered my new iPad 2 (white, with the orange cover).

Thinking of selling your iPad or iPhone to Gazelle (or anyone else)? Read my earlier post on how to erase your iPhone or iPad data and restore factory settings.

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