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iOS 5.1 — and the AT&T wallpaper surprise

iOS 5.1 for the iPhone is out. Here’s a quick guide to what it offers, and how to install it. Continue reading

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The iPhone turns 5

The iPhone turns 5. Continue reading

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How to talk to Siri — and why you want to

How to talk to Siri, and why you should learn to. Continue reading

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Slow UPS delivery, fast activation: I love the new iPhone 4S

I love the Notifications. How did we ever get by without them? On the whole, it’s a win, and I can almost forgive iCloud for taking away my Mail Rules syncing. Continue reading

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Steve Jobs, and your next iPhone

The new iPhone 4S has some great features, including Siri voice control, and I think it will be appealing to an even wider audience than current models. Continue reading

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