How to get ready for Apple’s Mountain Lion

Upgrading to Mountain Lion (book)Apple’s new operating system, OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion, is slated to be released later this month. Mountain Lion is going to make using a Mac a lot more like using an iPhone. If you’re already using an iPhone, an iPad, or a MacBook with a trackpad, or you’ve purchased a trackpad for your desktop machine, you’re in good shape. If not, you might want to get a trackpad now and start practicing.

The upgrade path will be even smoother if you get Joe Kissell’s new ebook “Take Control of Upgrading to Mountain Lion.” The $15 price is reduced to $10 for the next few weeks before Mountain Lion is released. Buy now to get a head start on the upgrade. You’ll get a free download of a longer version of the same book that will become available when Mountain Lion goes live (and Kissell’s non-disclosure agreement with Apple is lifted).

The ebook is ideal if you’re worried that your older Mac or older software might not be able to handle the upgrade to Mountain Lion. It includes step-by-step directions for doing a pre-upgrade check for software and hardware compatibility, plus advice on how to clean up your hard drive before installing the upgrade.

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3 Responses to How to get ready for Apple’s Mountain Lion

  1. Mattie says:

    Where can I purchase the book for $10?

  2. Mattie,
    Good question. It’s confusing. I checked it out, and discovered that the discount will appear — but only after you’ve clicked the “Buy ebook” button that sends you to the checkout page. The checkout page will show the discount price of $10.

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