What iOS 6 means for iPhone users

Some highlights of yesterday’s iPhone-related announcements from Apple:

  • The core Phone app now has that customizable Do Not Disturb feature you’ve always dreamed about. Set up your own list for who you want to hear from — nobody else can get through. Have automatic text messages or callback reminders handle calls you can’t take.
  • The powerful new Maps app with directions features will be competition for existing turn-by-turn GPS services.
  • There’s a brand-new Passbook app for storing things like barcodes and boarding passes. Is Apple poised to get into mobile payments?

Check out the best iOS 6 features nobody is talking about (from Gizmodo). Now you can use iTunes for Clock app alarms!

You have plenty of time to read about iSO 6. It won’t be available until “fall,” and most folks think that’s when there’ll be a new iPhone model to use it with.

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2 Responses to What iOS 6 means for iPhone users

  1. Thanks Karen. I’ll use the maps for sure. I wonder when we are going to get smart mailboxes on both iCloud and IOS devices, or at the very least improved mail search, which really sucks on the iPhone. I’ll do the same search twice in a row and get completely different results. Yes, same spelling and everything. Hmm.

    • Bruce, I remain frustrated with the dumbed-down, iCloud-based Mail rules. The rules that were easy to organize on one Mac and sync to other devices have been replaced by the primitive, iCloud-based system. We can only hope!

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