iOS 5.1 — and the AT&T wallpaper surprise

iOS 5.1 for the iPhone is out. Here’s a quick guide to what it offers, and how to install it.

What’s new:

  • A smarter version of Siri (more)
  • The ability to delete individual images from Photo Stream
  • A camera activation button (to the right of the slider on the locked screen), so you can use the camera without unlocking the phone
  • An improved iTunes Match

Ars Technica finds the OS 5.1 update one big “meh,” citing 10 longstanding annoyances it has failed to address.

Note: You’ll also see the AT&T information at the top left shows as 4G icon. Unfortunately, this does not mean the hardware has been upgraded — unless you see “4G LTE” on a device, it’s not really the faster 4G. What you’re getting is a pepped-up version of AT&Ts 3G service and a new icon dreamed up by somebody in AT&T marketing.

To upgrade your iPhone from iOS 5* to iOS 5.1:

  1. Connect your phone to your computer
  2. Tap Settings on the phone’s homepage, scroll down to General, tap General, and tap Software Update
  3. Follow the instructions to download and install iOS 5.1 — it will take several minutes.

*NOTE: If you are not yet using iOS 5 and iCloud, and want to upgrade to iOS 5.1, you will need to install iCloud and download the new operating system via iTunes. Here’s some info on that upgrade path.

What’s strange:

iPhone 4G wallpaperIf you use AT&T for your iPhone, you may have sudden discovered yourself with a different wallpaper yesterday. Specifically, this one, with pink flowers:

My phone was back to normal today, and I don’t know if this affected iPads. But it was interesting!

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