Traveling? “Coverage?” app for just $1.99 through this weekend

Got "Coverage?"

Mel Martin at TUAW alerted us to a sale on “Coverage?” an app that lets you know in advance what mobile phone coverage is like on major carriers, by location. If you’re wondering what kind of coverage you’ll get at a vacation spot or at your in-laws’ place, this is the app to have. Through this weekend: $1.99.

For testing the signal strength where you are, I like Coverage Map (free), which lets me test my current carrier signal (a mediocre three bars) and Wi-Fi strength (1.2 Mbps down and 392 kbps up). It also displays (crowd sourced) signal data for the mobile carriers. You have to root around in the Help to figure out the features, but it’s got a lot of extremely useful data — particularly if you are contemplating changing carriers.

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