Meet the Blue Collar Geek — and stop Photo Booth from crashing in Lion

The Blue Collar Geek

I hadn’t used Photo Booth since installing Lion more than a month ago. When I tried to open Photo Booth this evening, it crashed. And crashed. And crashed. I was steamed.

The Apple Discussions site was down this evening (they’re updating) and the next thing I found in my Google search was a You Tube video, “Photo Booth Crash FIX – OS X Lion,” from someone called the Blue Collar Geek.

He attributed the crash behavior to some third-party software he was running. I wasn’t running that software, but, nevertheless, his fix worked perfectly for me.

I enjoyed the video and his clear, unpretentious presentation. So I won’t give away the quick-and-easy fix he offered. I think you’ll enjoy hearing it from him, and even subscribing to his You Tube channel.

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