Steve Jobs, and your next iPhone

iPhone 4S (Photo: Apple)

iPhone 4S (Photo: Apple)

Amidst the outpouring of stories about Steve Jobs, my favorite is John Gruber’s tale of Steve at June’s WWDC. I told my own Steve story on the Writer Way blog, and posted my favorite picture of Steve (circa the 2003  launch of the iTunes Music Store).

Steve left us some amazing tools — not just the computers and devices, but tools for running our organizations and tools for focusing our lives. I feel as though the best thing I can do to thank Steve is to apply the tools.

Of course, one of the tools people are talking about is the new iPhone 4S. Should you get one? My advice is yes.

The new iPhone has some great features, including Siri voice control, and I think it will be appealing to an even wider audience than current models. iCloud syncing applies the instant wireless syncing (currently for contact information and email) to photos and media as well — buy a song from iTunes on your phone and it automatically appears in iTunes on your computer.

The iPhone 4S will be in stores Oct. 14, or you can order online beginning tomorrow for Oct. 14 delivery. I’m astonished at the number of people who told me Wednesday morning that they plan to buy the iPhone 4S — and that it will be their first iPhone.

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  1. Definitely some great new features on the iPhone 4s and IOS 5 update. Looking forward to this Friday.

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