The case for cases

As Apple said in their announcement, “Finally.” Finally, the white iPhone is here.

I have an important tip for owners of white iPhones — and black iPhones: Get a protective case.

PixelSkin iPhone case from Speck

I had my original iPhone in my pocket while climbing a ladder in my garage. It fell out, hit the concrete floor, and the glass shattered. Amazingly, the iPhone continued to work (you can bet I was tapping and swiping that cracked glass very carefully) long enough for me to back up everything to iTunes and get to the Apple store to get a replacement iPhone (remember what those first generation iPhones cost? Ouch!). And a case. A case that looked like a thick, rubber hand grenade.

I’m not quite that extreme these days, but I definitely go for protection first, looks second, when I buy a case. I highly recommend the Speck cases: ToughSkin ($39.95) and Pixel Skin ($29.95). The ToughShell, marked as “Coming Soon” on the Speck site looks promising, too. Note that the PixelSkin HD case fits both Verizon and AT&T phones (the very cool red PixelSkin HD is, sadly, out of stock at the moment).

Now, a confession: I haven’t yet gotten a case for my iPad2 — though it is traveling safely in the superb Waterfield bag I originally bought for the MacBook Air.

iPad case from CaseClosed

This morning an intriguing suggestion came in my mail: Felted wool sleeves for iPhone, iPad, Kindle and other small devices and tablets. Made by the UK company CaseClosed, they have that Etsy look — and, indeed, they are hand finished. Most pair a charcoal or cloud-gray felt (3mm thick) with a bright colored clasp.

Bottom line: whether your aesthetic is techno or DIY, be kind to your iPhone or iPad. Get a case.

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