Steampunk for your iPhone?

When a feud between two British steampunk rappers makes the front page of the Wall Street Journal, it’s time to let the steampunk-inspired apps and accessories for the iPhone out of the laboratory. Here are a few of my faves:


Metropolis Compass

Metropolis Compass (Munich Appsters). reviews this “simple but surprisingly attractive iPhone navigation app” that attempts to integrate two previous distinct functions of the iPhone: GPS reception and the digital compass. The aesthetic is pure Captain Nemo. ($.99; for iPhone and iPad)

Cogs (Lazy 8 Studios). This widely acclaimed game for iPhone and iPad builds on the Edwardian fascination for gears and machinery. (Free)

Bridgid Ashwood at beat me to it with this list of “10 Essential iPhone Apps for Steampunk GeekMoms.” Of those, I strongly recommend:

Vintage Video Maker (MacPhun) for making your videos look like home movies shot by H.G. Wells’ lab assistant. Currently on discount for $1.99. (For iPhone and iPad.)

VintageScene (JixiPix Software) for rolling your photos back 100 years. ($1.99)

Accessories (iPhone 4)

Gelaskins. These are a set of protective skin that come with coordinating wallpaper for a complete steampunk look. ($14.95 from Gelaskins)

On Zazzle, I found Speck Fitted Hard Shell Cases for iPhone and iPad that had been customized with gear designs by artist Jason Messinger. ($42.95 for the iPod case)

Case from CWestbookDesigns

My favorite cases (based on sheer elegance) were on Etsy, from CWestbrook Designs. ($59.99 per case; note that there models for both the AT&T and Verizon iPhones.)

But…why stop at your iPhone? Go for the whole steampunk office.

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