Upload iPhone photos to Facebook with iLoader

The Apple Chair at the 3231 Creatives "Chairity" Auction — and a quick upload from my iPhone to Facebook.

If your experience uploading photos from your iPhone to Facebook consists of staring at a message that says “your photo could not be uploaded at this time,” welcome to the club. Apparently it’s a large one.

My research reveals that the only solution people have come up with is to delete the (free!) Facebook for iPhone app and reload it.

Translated into human terms, this means hold your finger on the app until a little “x” appears in its upper lefthand corner. Then tap the “x” and on the pop-up window, tap the Delete button. Then go to the App Store, search for Facebook, and reload it.

People report that this delete-reload method allows them to upload photos for a day or two before it wimps out and the “your photo could not be uploaded at this time” excuse kicks in again.

But, wait! The next time you’re at the App Store, invest $1.99 in iLoader. After you’ve downloaded it, go to its Settings tab and watch the YouTube Tutorial.

While iLoader is fast and powerful, its interface is less than intuitive. I just want to quickly upload a photo, and they want me to caption things, tag, them, upload entire albums, write posts, blah, blah, blah.

The trick to a quick and simple upload is to:

  1. Select the image (tap the image in your Camera Roll or other source, then tap Done).
  2. Add a caption if you want.
  3. Tap the Upload button. This will somewhat confusingly take you to an Album selection screen. You can create a new album, or use an existing one, such as Wall. My experiments revealed that no matter which Album you select, the photo will appear on your Facebook Wall anyway, so it’s really a matter of how you like to keep your Facebook photo page organized. (I just use the Wall or Mobile album.)
  4. Chose an album and tap the Yes button to finally get the photo onto your Facebook wall.

The photo will upload quickly and reliably and, once you’ve got the pathway down, it’s a breeze. In other words, much better than the flakey Facebook app.

iLoader also handles video. Go crazy!

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5 Responses to Upload iPhone photos to Facebook with iLoader

  1. Kathy says:

    Does this apply to IPhone 4s?

  2. Yes, it does. But Facebook has recently improved its own iPhone app, making it much easier to upload a photo directly from the Facebook app. I still like iLoader, though.

  3. La Toya J. says:

    not sure what has happened now, but I can upload a photo to my business page wall with my iPhone, but the photo doesn’t show up in my newsfeed or any of my fans…….

    • La Toya, now that Facebook has its own iPhone app, it may be limited iLoader’s ability to put photos in a variety of places (though it can still upload toy our wall). I’d advise trying to use the Facebook app loader, and see how that works. Let me know!

  4. Peter says:

    Can you upload a whole album? I haven’t found an app that or a native function that can do this…

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