Printing from the iPhone

I’ve been asked how I keep on top of the latest iPhone software — stuff like the new AirPrint and AirPlay features in iOS 4.2. Much of the time, I rely on folks like Steve Sande at The Unofficial Apple Weblog to share their real-world experiences and insights on TUAW TV Live. Here’s today’s show in which Steve describes the easy iOS 4.2 update on his iPhone — and the more involved update on the iPad that almost hosed his Nanowrimo manuscript.

Steve points out that since very few of us own the new printers that work with iOS 4.2’s AirPrint, we might as well buy Printopia ($9.95 software for your Mac) that makes any printer connected to the Mac usable by an iPad or iPhone. With Printopia installed, you can even print PDF or JPG files from an iPhone or iPad to Dropbox and so they’re available to you from other computers.

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