MobileMe for free? Maybe.

Let me start your week off with a great rumor I found on MacRumors. They’re predicting that the eagerly awaited iOS 4.2 for Apple mobile devices will include a free version of MobileMe — perhaps a version that lacks “push” email, but a basic version that would encourage more iPhone users to try MobileMe’s over-the-air sync and iDisk storage.

As someone who worked on .Mac (MobileMe’s predecessor) I’m sold on the service — even it its early days, when there were some alarming sync problems. I like having my calendars, contacts, email, and bookmarks synced between two Macs, an iPhone, and an iPad — as well as being accessible to me from just about any computer with an internet connection. Of course, it’s possible to cobble together the sync, storage and publishing services from other, less costly services. But if MobileMe becomes free…

Well, let’s see what happens.

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