Specialty apps: Some real live wires

Nowhere is the “long tail” of marketing more evident than in the App Store, where fabulous apps find narrow but enthusiastic audiences. You’ll find a lot of these specialty apps in the Reference section of the store.

Here are two I doubt I’ll ever use but which are delighting their niche audiences:

Is this chicken right for you? Ask Funny Farm Industries.

Pickin Chicken. Despite the name and the name of the developer (Funny Farm Industries) this app is seriously useful. If you’re raising chickens, that is. Pickin Chicken helps you decide which breeds of fowl to buy based on criteria such as size, climate suitability, uses (meat, eggs, or both), and color of eggs.

Sparky (by Michael Diehl) is a pocket electrical reference, clearly aimed at journeyman electricians and serious hobbyists. It covers common color codes, capacitor codes, lead connections — right down to NEMA frame sizes. (No, I have no idea what I’m talking about here. But Sparky does.)

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