Saturday’s Lite Tip: talking hippos, cats, and birds

The latest talking creature app available for your iPhone is a baby hippo. The 99-cent app Talking Baby Hippo from Outfit7 is intended for kids (the unexpected iPhone market) and repeats everything the user says, in a cute voice. You can also tickle the hippo, feed him, and record, save, and send videos of him. A proportionally larger Baby Hippo is available for the iPad.

Personally, I’d be more likely to use Outfit7’s Talking Tom Cat, a guilty-looking alley cat that yowls and sings (if you do).

I could envision this as a really different way to send someone a birthday message.

Outfit7, based in Slovenia, also offers Harry the Hedgehog, Larry the Bird…and a trip planner for visiting Iceland.

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To paraphrase Mark Morris, "I'm a writer; I write!"
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