Take Control of iPhone Basics

Just bought a new iPhone? Feeling like you could be getting more out of the iPhone you’ve had for a while?

My ebook Take Control of iPhone Basics, released today by Take Control Publishing, is designed to help.

While the iPhone makes it delightfully easy to make calls, handle email, take pictures, and more, there are crucial aspects of iPhone use that aren’t so intuitive. At some point most iPhone users will want to:

  • Figure out the best way to keep the iPhone battery charged
  • Select one of several strategies for managing the data (from photos and music to contacts and calendars) that transfers or synchronizes between a computer, the iPhone, and the internet
  • Buy, update, and organize third-party apps
  • Move smoothly between apps and cut, copy, and paste text and images.

That’s where Take Control of iPhone Basics comes in. The ebook follows the acclaimed Take Control format for explaining things clearly and simply and taking you step-by-step through basic processes. For those of you who want to know more, I include links to websites, online articles, and other ebooks that explore iPhone technology topics in greater depth. Plus I recommend some wonderful third-party apps.

For a short time, Take Control of iPhone Basics (iOS 4 Edition) is also available as part of two special Take Control promotional bundles:

  • Buy it with Joe Kissell’s new Take Control of Mail on the iPhone and iPod Touch (iOS 4 Edition) and get 25% off.
  • Build your own bundle of 3 or more Take Control titles and get 30% off.

The ebook offers convenient hypertext links that let you move ahead or jump back to other sections of the book, or click to see online references. But if you’re a traditionalist, you can buy a wire-bound print version of Take Control of iPhone Basics from Take Control via Qoop on-demand publishing.

About Karen Anderson

To paraphrase Mark Morris, "I'm a writer; I write!"
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