Adding a keyboard to the iPhone

Part of the charm of the iPhone is being able to carry so much of your life around in a small package. Ditto with the iPad.

However, I’m less than charmed by the iPad’s touch screen keyboard, and have been using the camera adapter kit to attach an Apple keyboard to it. Great for serious writing while on the road…but now I’m lugging around a keyboard.

Jorno foldable keyboard for iPhone and iPad (Photo: Jorno Store)

Enter the Jorno.

It won’t ship until this winter, but I’m betting on this tri-foldable Bluetooth keyboard, which will be compatible with the iPhone, the iPad and my laptop. Why? In part because it reminds me of a foldable keyboard I used very successfully with the Palm Pilot that was my first love in the tiny devices category.

Possible downsides?

  • Bluetooth can be quirky (and drain batteries)
  • The Jorno isn’t particularly slick looking
  • The keys will be 15% smaller than those of a regular keyboard.

But…I really want a keyboard. I’ve ordered one, and will report back this winter.

Tip: Check and search for the Jorno article with a discount code.

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To paraphrase Mark Morris, "I'm a writer; I write!"
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2 Responses to Adding a keyboard to the iPhone

  1. Mike Richardson says:

    I got one of the docking keyboards early on, but hardly ever use it.

    The Apple Wireless Keyboard doesn’t fold, but is very light, and is a huge pleasure to use. It has standard-sized keys, slips easily into a compartment on my Tom Bihn bag, and lets me type like a demon. That with the iPad make the first computer I’ve ever been able to type comfortably in coach on a plane. I never leave home without it.

    • The Apple wired keyboard is my current choice; I’ve had all sorts of frustrations with Bluetooth devices. The Jorno has my hopes up because it will let me choose between the iPhone, iPad, and Powerbook.

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