Does your iPhone 3GS spontaneously reboot?

You don’t have to have a new iPhone 4 to enjoy many of the powerful new features of the new iOS 4 operating system.

But not everyone who has installed the new operating system on an iPhone 3GS is happy. Some users are logging in to Apple’s Support site and reporting instances of the iPhone 3GS spontaneously rebooting in the midst of phone calls. You can read the details on

Tip: If you experience this problem, or any other problem, with an iPhone that is covered by warranty or by Apple’s extended warranty program, AppleCare, you don’t have to sit and stew. As Joe Aimonetti of notes, you can call Apple and report it, immediately. I think many people are so accustomed to horrific customer service from other companies that they don’t realize that getting help from Apple is as easy as dialing 1-800-APL-CARE, or logging on to the computer and making an appointment to take their device in to the local Apple Store.

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