• “Take Control of iPhone Basics” ebook

What they’re saying about the new ebook Take Control of iPhone Basics:

Charles Hamilton, GigaOM / WebWorkerDaily, Oct. 29, 2010, Fall Reading for Web Workers:

“For the novice, this book goes through how to use the phone in clear, friendly prose, explaining everything from the difference between a touch and a tap, to how to use the iPhone 4′s FaceTime. I was pleased to note that the author has has laid out the book so that it can be read in sequence, or used as a reference if you need help with a specific issue.”

iPhone J.D. — Lawyers using iPhones, Oct. 11, 2010, New Take Control books for the iPhone:

“If you (or someone you know) is new to the iPhone, this is a fabulous resource that will get someone up to speed. And it is updated for the latest iOS 4, unlike the physical books on the shelf of any bookstore right now.  If you are an advanced iPhone user, you will get less out of the book, although I did run across quite a few useful tips that I either never knew or that I had forgotten about.”

Gene Steinberg’s The Tech Night Owl, radio show and newsletter:

“So on Saturday night’s episode of The Tech Night Owl LIVE, we presented author Karen G. Anderson to discuss her latest book, “Take Control of iPhone Basics, iOS 4 Edition.” Even if you’re a power user, you’ll learn valuable hints and tips when you listen to this episode. We also plan to have Karen back on the show in the near future to discuss “offbeat” iPhone apps. I can’t wait.”

MacVoices with Chuck Joiner — The Talk of the Mac Community, internet radio show and podcast, Oct. 5, 2010:

“No matter which iPhone you select, Karen helps you get more out of it by reviewing some of the features built in to both the device itself, as well as iTunes that are often overlooked, including Visual Voicemail and prevention of duplicate app purchases. Along the way, Karen touches on HDR photography, using the iPhone 4’s flash, the usability of FaceTime, the need for a “data strategy” for media purchasing and data syncing, and offers some unusual app recommendations.”

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